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Best answer: The BrightPad Go is a great accessory for those who make intricate cuts on their Cricut. Pick one up if weeding is your biggest chore!

Weeding and tracing just got easier

Anyone who uses a Cricut Maker or other vinyl cutting machine will know that weeding can be both a wonderful experience and one fought with peril. One wrong weed, and you can ruin the entire cut, which wastes material and time. There are many excellent Cricut accessories out there to help, and now Cricut has released the BrightPad Go, a portable lightbox that seeks to help you weed at your very best.

With five light levels, the highest level being 4200 lumens, the BrightPad is more than capable of shining through the thickest vinyl, and the specially coated screen means you can use your best tools without fear of scratching it. I've used the BrightPad to weed Infusible Ink, HTV, and even heavy cardstock, and the light shines into all the cuts, letting me see the outlines clearly.

What other choices are there?

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There has been some controversy in the Cricut community about the effectiveness of having a light shine from underneath your work, and I can understand why people might want a source from above. I like the BrightPad Go because it's a constant light no matter where I move the vinyl. If I am using a lamp, the shadows move, obscuring some areas of my cuts, making them harder to see.

The fact that the BrightPad Go is also battery powered and portable play a big part in why I like it. Depending on my project, I might be on my desk or a workbench, and I need the flexibility that a cordless solution provides.

The bottom line

While the BrightPad Go might not be the most important accessory you can buy for your Cricut, it is a helpful addition to your arsenal. You should buy it if you cut intricate shapes on your Cricut and need a good light source to keep your weeding perfect. As a bonus, if you are an artist, the BrightPad works very well as a lightbox to help you trace your art to create animation. The light can be as bright as you need it, and the portability makes it as versatile as can be.

Love shine a light

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Cricut BrightPad Go

Shine on you crazy diamond

The BrightPad Go is a great choice for those of us who love to weed and want all the advantages we can get.

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