The Persona series success in Japan and all around the world has been nothing short of a blessing for the aging JRPG genre, and of course, that success hasn't gone unnoticed by Japanese animation companies and American localizers. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth took Atlus' series to the big screen in Japan last November, and it is finally getting an English translation on May 20th.

Naturally, as this is a physical anime Blu-ray release, it is going to cost you and arm and a leg to buy, but I think most Persona fans will be good for it. Two different versions are going to be released, a Collector's Edition and a Standard Edition.

The Collector' Edition comes packed with a load of extra goodies, and it will retail for $99.98. Buying it directly through distributor Aniplex will save you $20 for $79.98. The price will land you:

  • Original Soundtrack CD (Including the theme song "More Than One Heart"by Yumi Kawamura)
  • Exclusive Box Art by Keisuke Watabe (Character Designer/Animation Director)
  • Newly Illustrated Cover Art
  •  48-page Deluxe Booklet
  • 10 Super P3 Stickers
  • 4 Key Art Illustration Cards

The Standard Edition will set you back $74.98 at retail, but $59.98 through Aniplex. Overall, it's a nice thought, but the English version means that only a subtitled version will be available. No English dub will be available, something hardcore anime fans will have no problem with. On the other hand, audio commentary will have no subtitles and will require a firm grasp on the Japanese language to understand.

With prices like that, I think I remember why I stopped watching anime.