So you think you got the smarts to out-develop Shigeru Miyamoto when Super Mario Maker launches, do you? Outside of the minuscule chance you really have against one of gaming’s leading geniuses, you will still be emulating his thinking process and building your ideas on the ideas he taught you. It’s quite frankly impossible unless you find a revolutionary way to use the Mario formula.

If you are still intent on this, then how about a few tips from the man himself? In an interview with Eurogamer, Miyamoto sat down along with his partner in crime Takashi Tezuka, Super Mario Maker’s director, to discuss how he went about developing Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, the franchise’s first and most iconic level. For such a basic level, the thought process is still a very deep one.

And just remember, this is the most basic that a Super Mario Bros. level is allowed to be. Everything he says here is beginners stuff and has been expanded on thousands of ways since he first came up with it. It is possible to 1up his own ideas and take it a step further, so by all means, try if you want…

…then do it a couple hundred times, and you might be in the same ballpark as him.

Super Mario Maker launches this Friday on Sept. 11 for the Wii U.

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