Ys Net released a brand new Shenmue III trailer this week, one of the first we’ve seen in the two years since it wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign. It did not go down well with gamers, many of whom got flashbacks to Mass Effect: Andromeda and called out the game for having stiff, creepy facial animations.

In response, Director Yu Suzuki and Executive Producer Hideaki Morishita spoke up on the issue in an interview with Game Spark, stating that they were temporary character models and the animations have already been fixed. As translated by Siliconera:

Game Spark: Many of our readers got to watch it [the teaser trailer]. In the comments we saw feedback saying “I wonder what’s going on with the character models.”

Yu Suzuki, Director: Shenhua, Ryo, and other characters are mostly temporary.

Hidekaki Morishita, Executive Producer: The character [that appear in the trailer] are mostly temporary, and I fear there may have been some misunderstandings from it.

Suzuki: We still have plenty of fixing to do for Shenhua. [Suzuki points at other characters] This character is close to completion. This one is temporary. This one is also temporary. Another temporary.

Morishita went on the explain that the teaser trailer was meant to serve as more of a reminder that the game is in development, not provide a progress report to backers.

However, this time we weren’t able to make it on time for the video. While the video we presented this time was meant to be a promotion for us, I believe that it was a little premature. Since starting the project in 2015, we haven’t released that many videos. Since we signed a publishing contract with Deep Silver, a part of us felt the need to announce “We’re continuing the project’s development under a new establishment. Please rest assured,” and we felt that it would be wrong to not have any kind of video, so we decided to release one this time around. It might sound like a bit of an excuse, but even though there are some parts that we feel is lacking or some parts that we’re not satisfied with, we decided to go ahead with it because we didn’t want to not have anything to show for it.”

Shenmue III is the highly anticipated return of SEGA’ s classic Dreamcast martial arts epic, and it will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018.