Two years after its epic appearance at E3 2015, the same that kicked off its Kickstarter campaign, Shenmue III still has yet to show up big at the convention in any form. 2017 won't be any different with developer Ys Net confirming that it won't be bringing the game in any capacity to the show.

The most recent dev video states that the month of June is overloaded for game development, and it's too busy cramming hours into the game.

However, along with the news comes signs of progress in the form of a new character model. Ys Net did not provide a name to attach to this brute, but judging by his design, it would be best to hope this strong-man is on your side!

Shenmue III is on an extended clock

Shenmue III has provided enough updates over the years to prove that it is deep in active development, and there should be no worries about it hitting snags or the usual Kickstarter hiccups just yet. Ys Net is creating a sequel to one of the most popular cult hits of all time, and it is doing so on a far smaller budget than the previous two games. To get everything right, it'll take a while.

No need to rush here, Shenmue III has a lot to live up to, and every day in development that makes it better is fine in my book. No E3 2017, no problem.

Shenmue III is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC.