Shenmue III continues to awe and inspire with each passing screenshot that developer Ys Net releases.

The latest batch takes players through several of the game’s environments. Ryo Hazuki’s journey will whisk him on paths unknown across China, but while there, he will stumble across everything from luscious mountain paths to terrifying treks through dark forests. The cherry blossoms bring a nice touch of classic Asian cinema to the martial arts epic, and then there is the screenshot with the pumpkins… just because.

Who doesn’t like pumpkins? Is there a problem?

Of course, Ys Net and original director Yu Suzuki managed to raise over $6 million through Kickstarter last year after a record-breaking campaign. Naturally, the money channels are still open thanks to Yuzuki saying that they can’t create his true vision with less than $10 million.

Hopefully, these screenshots inspire enough confidence to get more investors interested. This game is banking on a niche audience to be a success, but that niche audience will fight to the death for it.

Shenmue III will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.