Shenmue fans have been waiting a long time for the chance to play their favorite games on modern consoles, and 2017 finally might be the year they get to do so. The latest of several hints that have made themselves public is now circulating the net thanks to Rice Digital. The online retailer cites "a trusted source close to Atlus USA" that says the games will be released in 2017.

Rice Digital says that the games will be released in a bundle in preparation for Shemue III, and while it provided no platforms, it writes that it is "safe to assume a PC / Steam release." The website also has a history of correctly leaking information from Atlus with the most recent being when it revealed the localization of King of Fighters XIV, giving this new rumor a bit more credence.

In January, SEGA also registered domain names for what could only be a potential Shenmue re-release.

This is looking for and more like a sure thing

I'm more convinced now than ever that SEGA is going through with the re-release. Shenmue might be one of those cult-classic games with an overly vocal and loyal fanbase, but it is also wildly infamous for its astronomical budget that nearly sank SEGA when sales failed to recuperate. To embrace that legacy for the sake of pleasing those that genuinely believe in a property, that's a classy move SEGA. Well played.

Now, let's see it happen. Shenmue and Shenmue II might be a little obtuse for the modern gamer, but I'm hoping that its quirky voice acting and brilliant Japanese setting are able to lure in a new generation of fans.