Years of rumors and demands could finally be paying off for the Shenmue fanbase. SEGA’s cult-hit action series got another hint of an HD remaster with the registration of “Shenmue HD” by SEGA Europe.

Several of other domains turned up after the original discovery, including “” and “” The most recent of the discoveries was filed back in September 2016, meaning not too long ago.

Might be news of what we want, might not be

Domain registrations are naturally never a sure-fire way to determine what is coming. SEGA could just be registering domain names to avoid fake news and needless speculation, or it could actually have the games ready to be announced. The various domain names mean it hasn’t settled on a finalized title yet.

Treat this as a rumor for now, but TSSZ also points out that SEGA has a solid track record of only registering games that it intends to announce.