Hey, remember Shenmue 3? It’s been a full three months since it wrapped up its record breaking Kickstarter campaign, and developer Ys Net has the first batch of screenshots to share.

Yeah, it looks pretty good. That’s about all we can say about the quality at this point. Director Yu Suzuki wished he could have gotten more money to realize his full vision, but so far, there is little to complain about or nitpick. This is what I imagined Shenmue 3 would look like, and I’m having trouble seeing the budgetary cuts.

Maybe it’s in the size of the map or the details in Ryo’s face, but all I’m seeing is exactly what was promised to me.

All elements in the following screen shots are still in testing. Objects are being used as place holders, like the men in black suits, and Ryo is also an older model. Backgrounds and buildings are also still in the development stage and will see reworking. Shots for the two battle scenes were taken at angle to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Shenmue 3 will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC with an expected release date of Dec. 2017. Plenty of time for more updates down the road.