Shenmue rumor (1)

Get ready for a wild roller-coaster leading up into E3, SEGA fans. Shenmue rumors have returned, leaving the entire wold, or the small fraction who actually cares, wondering if the long lost franchise will be making a comeback.

Trust me when I say this evidence is shallow at best. However, the NFL was able to punish the New England Patriots with less proof than this, so there is always hope that this could pan out to be true. Baaaaazinga, am I right or am I right?

Editor’s Note: You’re wrong, and the Patriot’s are terrible. -Joey

Anyway, Japanese website Gamestalk has stumbled across some suspicious, murky images of origins unknown, and they are branded with the Square Enix label and a tentative date of 2016. Whatever it is and wherever it was taken, Square Enix wants it to be a mystery. I mean, why am I even mentioning Square Enix when this is a Shenmue rumor? Shouldn’t it be SEGA?

If this is a prank, then at least the dummies could get the company right. Or maybe Square Enix is just lifting the cost off of the struggling SEGA.

Shenmue rumor (2)

When taken alone, the image doesn’t account for much, but then the eagle-eyed out there spotted that Ryo Hazuki’s patch from the real game matches the logo imprinted on what looks like a leather jacket background. The cuts in the cherry blossom petals, a significant image in Shenmue, also are suggested to represent something with one, two, and finally three slices removed from them.

Gamestalk jumps to the conclusion that these mean an HD remaster of Shenmue 1 and 2 and that the third one represents Shenmue 3.

It might seem farfetched, but just remember, anything is possible these days! You don’t need hard proof to determine anything anymore!

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Editor’s Note: *Vomiting Sounds* -Joey