Where to buy Shazam! tickets?

Tickets for the next great DC movie are now available. Shazam! is flying into theaters April 5, but you can watch it two weeks early with exclusive Fandango screenings.

Fandango is teaming up with Warner Bros. for the early screenings of Shazam! that are taking place March 23, two weeks before its official release. The screenings will be available at 1,200 select theaters and 40 exhibition circuits worldwide. All you have to do is sign up for Fandango's free service, Fandango VIP, and you'll be able to purchase tickets for the early screenings.

While building up the DCEU, one of the first movies Warner Bros. put on its docket to be made was Shazam. The DCEU is now technically dead, but DC is still making great movies and Shazam! is the next one to hit theaters, introducing us to a new kind of superhero.

Unlike previous DC movies where we've seen the uber serious heroes, Shazam! brings a fresh, new kid-like enthusiasm back to superheroes that seems to be exactly what we need. Forget Batman and Superman.

Everything you need to know about Shazam!

In case you are unfamiliar with the character of Shazam, he is a teenager named Billy Batson who is gifted super abilities by a wizard.

All he has to do is say the word Shazam and boom, he transforms into his alter ego. If you haven't already seen the trailers for the movie, you should, they're quite funny.

It should be a fun and whimsical adventure as we meet the newest DC hero that joins Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Shazam! arrives in theaters early March 23, and then everywhere April 5.

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All you need is a little Shazam!

Sometimes the world needs someone different to save it. Quite possibly, a kid. When Billy Batson is blessed with super powers, he will need to find the superhero within himself to save the world by becoming Shazam!