When Shazam! hits theaters on April 5, audiences will meet young Billy Batson, who acquires the unique ability to turn into a powerful adult superhero. But, as you'll learn, Shazam isn't the only hero who appears in the upcoming film.

Everything you need to know about Shazam!

After Shazam and his Shazam family defeat Dr. Thaddeus Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins, they return back to school where Freddy remains an outcast. But his reputation is soon turned around when Shazam pays him a visit—and he's accompanied by arguably the most popular hero in the world.

As Freddy sits down for lunch in the school cafeteria, he's joined by his family from his foster home. A moment later, Shazam enters the cafeteria shouting about how Freddy taught him everything he knows. Imagine your favorite celebrity telling everyone how cool you are.

It's a touching moment, because throughout the movie Freddy is treated like he's invisible by his peers. Suddenly, he's the coolest guy in school. But it isn't just Shazam who pays Freddy a visit; the Man of Steel himself is also there to show Freddy support.

It's not just a cool moment for Freddy and his peers, but it's a great payoff for moviegoers. Not only do we get to see Shazam and Superman in the same room, but their appearance in the cafeteria wraps up a plot point visited earlier in the film.

Soon after Billy is bestowed with the powers of Shazam, the superhero becomes a local celebrity in Philadelphia. Seeing what it could do for his reputation, Freddy brags that he knows Shazam and that he could get him to show up at lunch.

Imagine sitting down with Shazam and Superman at lunch in front of your entire school.

At this point in the movie, Freddy and Billy aren't on the best of terms because Billy thinks that Freddy cares more about Shazam than Billy. As a result, Billy doesn't appear during lunch, making Freddy the laughing stock of the school.

By the end of the movie, Billy and Freddy make up, prompting Shazam's appearance at the end of the film. And he convinced Superman to show up, making the moment that much better.

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It's also a cool moment because it shows that Shazam and Superman exist in the same universe. The movie makes it abundantly clear throughout the film that Shazam exists in the same universe as Batman and Superman, but it's nice to actually see them physically together.

Does that mean Superman and Shazam will team up in the inevitable sequel? It's hard to say. But just knowing the two are buddy-buddy has us excited about the possibilities.

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Sometimes the world needs someone different to save it. Quite possibly, a kid. When Billy Batson is blessed with super powers, he will need to find the superhero within himself to save the world by becoming Shazam!

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