There’s no question – DC needs to do something very different after the disappointing performance of Justice League both with viewers and at the box office. Aquaman is getting positive buzz months ahead of time, but one of the publisher’s oldest heroes looks like a potential chance for a hard reboot on the DCEU’s image. Here’s your first look at Zachary Levi as Shazam, Earth’s Mightiest Mortal:

The photo comes via a tweet from BatmanNews, a site about Batman News. It’s not exactly an official reveal, and it’s not a close-up shot, but we can glean a few things. This costume is bright. The design keeps the clean, bright red of the classic hero, as well as his two-layered, hooded cape in bright white with metallic gold lining.

While most superheroes have a secret identity that simply involves taking off their costume and putting on some glasses, Shazam becomes a different person altogether. Shazam’s secret identity is that of young Billy Batson, played by 15-year-old Asher Angel in the upcoming film. Chosen by a wizard – also named Shazam! – for his pure, incorruptible heart. When he calls out the magic word – also Shazam! – he becomes the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel. It’s a goofy, fun premise, and now we see the goofy, fun costume that matches it.

Wonder Woman pushed the tone of the DCEU toward the timeless heroism DC heroes are beloved for, and if Shazam! plays its cards right, it could be a refreshing change. We’re expecting post-processing and color-grading to take some of the pop out of the costume during editing, but we hope director David Sandberg can find the right level of cheese that helps make this character work.

Shazam! hits theaters in just over a year on April 5, 2019.