I finally got to see Elysium this past weekend, and I left the film convinced that it nothing more than simple science fiction. Now, I'm not so sure. Sharp has just revealed the Emperor 1510, a machine which has half the equation of that film's plot device taken care of by finding abnormalities and illnesses in the human body after one quick scan.

This revolutionary device scans its owners body and vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and uploads them to a cloud storage system for physicians to read on a computer, eliminating the need for a trip to the doctor. For Japan's aging population of 65 and above, this could save on a lot of uncomfortable trips outside to the family doctor.

The technology is not quite there to pick up on cancers or other deadly diseases just yet, but no doubt that will become a high priority using the complex sensor system already in place. Doctor's can already use the information provided to determine lots of issues or also just give a clean bill of health.

I won't expect this to make simple doctor visits obsolete within the next decade, but it is exciting technology, especially for hypochondriacs like myself who need constant reassurance of our health. The only downside is that is will cost roughly $6,000 to purchase one, and Japan's national health insurance makes it an investment that might take a long time to pay off.

Now, all that's left to get the chair to cure the diseases on the spot too, and we'll all be citizens of Elysium.