Sharp announced during its press event Monday a fresh batch of new 4K TVs, including a new set that is less than a half-inch thin and a “near 8K” display.

The new 4K Ultra HD sets will be offered under the UB 30 (budget), UE 30 (mid) and UH 30 (high-end) Series. The UB Series will offer 45, 50, 55 and 65-inch sets, starting at $700.  The UE and UH sets will be offered in 70 and 80-inch variants, pricing was not announced for the latter models. The UH30 line promises to include top of the line specs including THX 4K certification, Aquomotion 960 and a touchpad remote control.  The UB, UE and  UH

Additionally Sharp unveiled an ultra-thin 4K TV which measures in at less than half an inch.  It is quite amazing how thin the display is when looking at remarkably rich the display is.

Finally Sharp showed off its “Beyond 4k” set that promises to display near 8K resolution.  This technology is achieved by using Sharp’s already popular Quattron technology alongside 4K technology. Using Sharp’s pixel splitting technology it is able to display 42 million more pixels than standard 4K sets, which is 167 times greater resolution than standard sets. It also integrates Sharp’s next generation upscaler.

We’ve already experienced how great 1080 content looks upscaled using Sharp’s engine on last year’s 4K sets, this technology allows 4k content to upscaled to look more like 8K. This set will be available sometime later in 2015.