Apple seemingly has no plans to release a touchscreen OS X computer, instead opting to keep its iOS and OS X devices in clearly distinguished camps—though some have suggested the company could some day release an iOS-powered notebook. Thankfully, Sharp is prepared to fill that product void with a 32-inch OS X-capable touchscreen behemoth that will reportedly launch in the U.S. this fall.

The company first unveiled the 4K IGZO display in July, but only revealed it could run Apple's desktop operating system over the weekend at a trade show in Japan. Local tech blog Macotakara was lucky enough to catch Sharp's presentation at the CEATEC Japan 2013 show, and managed snap a photo of the device in action.

Macotakara claims Sharp's 32-inch LCD LED monitor has already shipped, but won't be able to run OS X until the company releases a free download one or two months from now. We can't help but wonder how Apple feels about this. The company is notoriously protective of its software, only allowing it to run on in-house hardware – though you can always build your own "Hackintosh." Still, the idea of a massive touchscreen OS X computer is pretty tantalizing, though we'll wait until Sharp reveals its price tag before passing any final judgement.