Sharp announced during CES 2013 that it plans to introduce 21 new TV models this year, all of which will have screen sizes that are 60-inches and larger. The models include 60-inch, 70-inch, 80-inch and 90-inch options. Quattron technology will be featured in 10 models this year, the tech adds a fourth yellow sub-pixel to add a billion additional colors. That results in brighter yellows, deeper blues and richer gold colors.

Sharp said it will be the largest selection from any TV manufacturer. Unlike LG, the company didn’t clarify if these will all sport smart TV capabilities, although we suspect they are. My favorite quote from the speaker right now? “A bigger TV is absolutely better.”

Sure, you might not agree, but you can bet I’m going to use that line when I convince my family to upgrade to a larger set in our living room.