The war for the TV that adorns your family room is heating up as 4K resolution becomes more mainstream, and Sharp is ready to make sure you choose one of its many new models this year.

Sharp has four different tiers of televisions ready to go this year, with the most intriguing be the Q+ line. While 4K TVs are still too expensive for most consumers, more and more companies are shooting content in the new format. The problem is if you try to play any of that content on a 1080p television, it just won't work. What the Q+ sets do is they allow you to play that content, but downscale it as it's a 1080p display. So while you won't see the content in its full resolution, you will still at least be able to play it.

From the looks of Sharp's impressive television lineup this year, however, you really couldn't go wrong with any set you choose.

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