The Legend of Zelda isn't the only legend being retold on Nintendo's latest gaming console. Let me tell you tale of a giant among men, a story of dope 90's hip-hop and a basketball career that spanned far beyond the reaches of any court in the United States. The legend of… Shaq.

Actually, there is a video game that can do that for me. Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch has confirmed that his company's Indiegogo-backed brawler Shaq-Fu: The Legend Reborn will be released on the Nintendo Switch. Saber picked up a solid total of $458,000 through 1339 backers during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign back in 2014, and that was enough to secure a release on the Wii U.

Of course, the Wii U has since gone out of style, and the Nintendo Switch is now Nintendo's main console. Karch didn't outright say that the Wii U version was going to be replaced by the Switch's, but given that many indie teams have taken this exact step, it is likely to happen.

A legend that needs to be retold?

The infamous 1994 Shaq Fu came at the peak of Shaquille O'Neal's early fame in the NBA, an era defined by the expansion of his name as a brand beyond his basketball career. Movies and rap albums of legendarily bad reputation have nothing on the lasting impression that Shaq Fu delivered imprinted on us. It's unknown if Saber is making a bad game to capitalize on this misplaced nostalgia or if the final product will be a solid action game that can be enjoyed by those who don't get the joke of it all.

Saber secured the game's funding in 2014, and a trailer appeared at The Game Awards 2015. However, very little of the game has been seen since. Shaq Fu: The Legend Reborn is also in development for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.