Shantae and the Pirate's Curse sees Shantae at her all time lowest. The half-genie has been all but stripped of her magical genie powers, and must rely on a mundane selection of pirate weapons to get them back.

Not that she'll have any problem using them. Shantae has a long history of battling pirates, and should know how to handle her enemy's tools by now. The debut trailer of her latest 3DS adventure shows her gliding over perilous heights with an over-sized pirate hat and charging through her enemies with a pirate's cutlass. She's even packing a straight up pistol in her arsenal. Since when do genies use guns?

Despite her newly acquired toys though, Shantae still hasn't lost the ability to fling her ponytail around like a giant whip. It's always been her signature move, and I doubt WayForward is going to take that from her. Nor are they cutting back on the scope of her adventure. Shantae's latest game is just as enormous and full of free-roaming exploration, if not more-so, than her previous games.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse will be a downloadable only title on the Nintendo 3DS this coming winter. The previous two games in the series are available through the eShop as well, so give them a glance if you want to catch up on this unforgivably forgotten video game mascot.