If you enjoyed last year’s cyberpunk strategy game, Shadowrun Returns, you’re in luck. Developer Harebrained Schemes is suggesting that we can look forward to a new Shadowrun project.

An update posted to the original Shadowrun Returns kickstarter page is titled “Shadowrun returns to Kickstarter January 2015,” with the above image accompanying it.

Shadowrun Returns is one of the kickstarted games from 2012 that actually made it to shelves in a complete form last year, hitting PC and mobile platforms.

While Kickstarter doesn’t pull the buzz it was getting last year, Harebrained Schemes has proven that it can do what many developers can’t – ask for an amount of money that reflects what they want to create, and then create something that uses that money efficiently. Having a devoted base of fans of the now 25 year old tabletop game, new fans from this release, and a stable reputation to work off of gives the developer an advantage that many don’t have.

We enjoyed Shadowrun Returns and are looking forward to seeing what the team has planned next.