Shadow Warrior was a crazy, over-the-top PC game that released way back in the spring of 1997. It was sort of a cult hit, and it developed a following based on the lunacy and fun gameplay it gave fans of stuff like Duke Nukem 3D.

The game was recently remade for the PC platform by Flying Wild Hog. It’s just as ludicrous as the first effort, and it too has its own cult following. That PC release is getting ported to the new generation of consoles, and today we have a trailer (above), some screenshots (below) and word from Level Designer Artur Maksara on the PlayStation Blog.

There’s shooting and sword swinging in this game, and both feel really great on the PC platform. The PlayStation 4 version, though, adds some touchpad support for the DualShock 4. I’m not sure how I feel about that bit, but here’s Maksara on it.

The highlight of the game is the sword-fighting. Especially for PlayStation 4 where we have added touchpad support for some very intuitive control. Not only will you able to chop up the enemies to pieces more easily, you can also use the touchpad to perform combos and special moves – swipe your finger in one of the four directions and press the trigger to launch a devastating attack or a crippling spell.

Shadow Warrior will hit retail this fall for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.