Shadow Tower

As part of an attempt to put From Software's old games out there while Bloodborne is still hot, Sony has officially announced the release of Shadow Tower for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as a PSOne Classic this week.

A trademark filing from last month confirmed that the release was happening, so this was only a matter of time. Sony also published the original Armored Core last week as a PSOne Classic. Before Souls and Bloodborne came around, the mecha robot franchise was the closest that From Software ever came to a solid gaming series. The original still holds up to this day once you wrap your brain around the pre-dual-analog shooter controls.

I'm glad there is a standard for the genre these days.

Shadow Tower looks like a rough early 3D game, but it is showered in the creepy, disturbing atmosphere of the Souls games. PlayStation Blog's description frames it like so: "With his entire home city swallowed by the underworld, Ruus Hardy vows to rescue everyone trapped by the demons." Which could very well be the plot of a Souls game as well.

Consider me curious. I'll be piling this on my classics backlog for the summer when it launches tomorrow with the PlayStation Store update