Sony has released the games which it it dish out for free in the month of October for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and there is no shortage of quality this month. Expect five great games to add to your Instant Game Collection every week.

King of the pile is Shadow of the Colossus, the second game from Team ICO over at SCE Japan. Roam an expansive overworld and save the woman you love by gathering the souls of sixteen gargantuan beasts. Expect lots of climbing, grabbing a hold of colossus hair, and being fling around like a bug on a buffalo pelt.

This emotional journey was a highlight of the PlayStation 2 library and is made even better for the PlayStation 3 with the updated framerate. There is no more excuse for not playing it if you haven’t already. Download it once it becomes free.

The second game announced is last year’s indie darling Hotline Miami, which was ported to the PlayStation 3 in June. I’ll confess, I haven’t played it just yet with my gaming PC on the fritz ever since May, so I’ll be extatic to finally give it a go on the only console released in recent memory that hasn’t kicked out on me.

However, I do know the themes and ideas of the video game.  Excessive violence, 1980s visuals and coloring, acid trip music and dream like special effects. I’m pumped!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is also getting a free release, but I can’t really guess why. The game needs all the cash it can get after it practically bankrupting the entire state of Rhode Island.

I won’t be hard on it. Kingdoms of Amalur deserves a look if RPG’s are your thing, especially if it is free. It’s a mid-level quality title that just didn’t catch on with the public, especially with a release date so soon after Skyrim.

Closing out the month are two games I have not played, but seem critically acclaimed enough to give a look. Poker Night 2 might seem like a boring title at first, but considering it comes from Telltale Games and stars a wide assortment of pop culture icons like Ash from Army of Darkness, it will be more than just a poker game.

Sine Mora is a SHMUP from game developer Goichi Suda at Grasshopper Studios. I would love to give it a try, but I don’t own a Vita. Anyone want to check it out for me?

Five games that are sure to get PlayStation owners pumped for an exciting holiday season. Which do you want to play the most?