Shadow of the Beast is one of those “footnote games” of gaming history. Those who played it on the original system it was released for, in this case the Commodore Amiga, love it, but those who got around to playing later ports of it on the Super Nintendo or SEGA Genesis merely shrug, not really understanding the big deal.

The Turrican games fall into that category as well.

Since I am not of the European persuasion, where these older PC games tend to be more popular, I fall into the latter category with barely any memories of the title at all. I just remember this horrible, ugly snarling beast running to the right across an endless green field and killing stuff. Seemed pretty basic to me at the time, and not really the kind of title I’d want to re-explore.

When I first heard a remake was in the works, I felt it was a nostalgia cash-grab, but with the latest demonstration by developer Heavy Spectrum over at PlayStation Blog, I can see that there is more game here than one might expect. Combat works in a very timing-based method, meaning the more precise your attacks are, the bigger rewards you’ll get. And that means having your monster look like a total killing machine with very satisfying kill animations.

Our game has quite a few different facets to the experience, from platforming and puzzles to the intricacies of combat. We want players to have a varied challenge — after all, learning and mastering the skills to beat the game are a large part of the fun.

Wow, I didn’t think this would land on my radar, but color me interested. There is a lot more game here going on than you might think, especially if you’ve only casually played the original. Shadow of the Beast will be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 17.