When I was a kid, there was nothing stronger than a Mewtwo. You caught him, you could dominate the other kids in your Middle School, especially when backed by level 80ish Raichus, Charizards, MissingNos, and whatever else wound up in my final six. Nowadays, not only is Mewtwo not the strongest Pokemon around, he’s not even at full power in the form found in the original generation.

Pokemon X & Y evolved Mewtwo for the first time with two separate Mega Evolutions, and now all parties involved agree that it is not enough. Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and even Bandai Namco have all brainstormed out yet another Mega Evolution stage for Mewtwo, known pretty bluntly as Shadow Mewtwo. Can you guess why?

Shadow Mewtwo will make his debut in the arcade fighting game, Pokkén Tournament, now available throughout Japan. See the trailer above for a special teaser. Hopefully, whenever Pokkén Tournament gets a stateside release on the Wii U in North America, his English speaking fans will get to have a go with the new form.

Then, once Game Freak finishes its sabbatical and gets back to doing what it does best, making Pokemon games, it can include the latest evolution in a mainline series. Come on, you know it’s going to happen!

Oh, and more Pikachu Libre, please!