Dragon Quest IV Heroine

Dragon Quest was first released on May 27, 1986, changing the way that video gamers looked at RPGs forever. It was a monumental achievement with effects that can still be felt today throughout the modern JRPG scene. As always, the series keeps chugging along with the same old approaches and graphic style, and it is also one of our oldest active franchises at a whopping 29 years old!

Naturally, this makes next May the 30th anniversary of this landmark franchise, so any game that is going to come out then for the celebration will have already started development by now, correct? Series creator Yuji Horii confirms this much in a New Year’s Letter to fans, translated by Siliconera.

Happy New Year’s to you all. This year is actually the 30th anniversary-eve for the Dragon Quest series.

In February, we’ll have Dragon Quest Heroes, and we’ll release Theatrhythm Dragon Quest in March. Other than that, we haven’t announced anything else, but we’re jostling through a great deal projects as we head towards the 30th anniversary.

As for Dragon Quest X, we’ll release Version 3 this spring. I believe that it’s a good time for all of you, along with our staff, to look forward to what’s coming.

Life is a role playing game.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Quest series!

Yuji Horii (January 2015)

No, Yuji Horii. Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Quest series. The man is getting up there in years, but he still knows how to make a game as engaging as the best of them. Keep up the good work! Just be sure to remember your English speaking audience, please.

Of course, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest was announced only just recently, bringing the popular rhythm game style of the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to Square Enix’s other popular franchise. Two more games we are sure are in development are the Musou action game Dragon Quest Heroes and the next major addition to the main series, Dragon Quest XI, which is most likely heading to next-gen consoles.

Beyond them, a new Dragon Quest Monsters is also rumored to be in development, and who knows what else behind that?

Dragon Quest VII

Sounds great, of course, and I should be happy for more Dragon Quest games. Problem is that the more these pile up without coming to the States, the more Square Enix is going to have to pick and choose when the time finally comes to grace us with a few. Still waiting for the ultimate priority, Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS, alongside Dragon Quest X, two Dragon Quest Monster games, and a Dragon Quest Rocket Slime game.

The three official games in development now bring the count to 8 total games that remain unlocalized, nearly the entire size of the entire Dragon Quest series, and a majority of those are stuck behind Nintendo’s draconian region-locking.

I don’t know how much help it will afford, but keep on sharing your concerns with Square Enix through Operation Hero on whatever social networks you kids are using these days. My guess is that if Square Enix does anything with Dragon Quest, it will release games slowly to build up for the major release of Dragon Quest XI, similar to how to dealt with Dragon Quest IX.

We’ll just have to wait and see.