Divekick Seth Killian

Seth Killian has left Sony's Santa Monica studio two years after taking up his post to work on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. He confirmed the news with Siliconera before using his own Twitter account to address fans and followers on his departure, confirming his decision had nothing to do with Santa Monica's recent troubles.

Before his time at Sony, Killian was Strategic Marketing Director of Online & Community at Capcom, meaning his job was interacting with fans and becoming the face of the company to Western audiences. However, he is best known as being integral to the revival of the Street Fighter series to its modern prominence and also co-founding the EVO championships.

He is also the final boss in Divekick.

In a follow-up post, Killian revealed that he worked on several projects at Sony before he left that would be announced soon , and he only teased what he would be doing next. Considering he "was inspired by their amazing indies to do [his] own thing," we can only assume he wants to make his own indie game,.

We can also assume that it will be a fighting game judging from his history in the industry. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for it, and we wish Killian the best of luck on his newest venture.