For some unknown reason the monthly report has been significantly changed and we will no longer see the number of units sold for consoles, nor will games be broken down by console. (i.e. all versions of Madden NFL 11 are lumped together) What we do know, however, is that overall the industry was down eight percent over the same time last year, falling to $1.22 billion from $1.32 billion.

npd_logoHardware took the biggest hit, falling 19 percent to $383 million from $472 million.  The only bright spot was the Xbox 360 sold 483,989 units (self-released info from Microsoft), which makes it the best month ever for the aging console.  Analyst firm Wedbush Morgan stated that it felt the Nintendo Wii fell 45 percent for a total of 254,000 units sold, and Sony was down 37 percent to 312,000 Playstation 3 consoles sold.

The analyst group also added It also added that Xbox 360 software sales rose 33 per cent to $85 million thanks to Halo: Reach selling 3.3 million copies in its first month.  Nintendo Wii software sales were down 38 per cent to $55 million while Playstation 3 sales dropped 14 per cent to $17 million.  In the portable market, Nintendo DS games sales fell 37 per cent to $31 million and PSP software sales down 2 per cent.

The only sector to see any growth was in accessories, and that was almost entirely on sales of Sony’s new Move controllers.

Here are the top ten games for the month.

  1. Halo: Reach – Xbox 360 – Microsoft
  2. Madden NFL 11 – 360/PS3/PS2/Wii/PSP – EA
  3. Dead Rising 2 – 360/PS3/PC – Capcom
  4. NHL 11 – 360/PS3 – EA
  5. FIFA Soccer 11 – 360/PS3/PS2/PSP/NDS – EA
  6. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – PSP – Square Enix
  7. Mafia 2 – 360/PS3/PC – Take-Two
  8. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – PS3/360/NDS/Wii – Activision
  9. Metroid: Other M – Wii – Nintendo
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – 360/PS3/PCi – Activision

What say you?  Why are video game sales falling so rapidly?