HTC One M8 Verizon 004

HTC fans not eligible for an upgrade to the company’s next big flagship won’t be completely out of the loop. According to a leaked document, the Taiwanese company is already working on bringing the latest version of Sense to its older portfolio of devices as soon as this June. Devices scheduled for the update include last year’s HTC One, One Max, One Mini and even the Butterfly S. It’s unclear how this document was acquired, or if it’s even authentic, but it should give hope to those simply interested in the changes being made to Sense.

HTC’s Sense is typically among the nicer skins in the Android market, and obviously HTC would want to continue supporting those who can’t afford to buy its newest flagship. We expected to see support for the HTC One, but it’s nice to see the One Max and One Mini also making the cut.

We’re expecting to see Sense 6 in detail at HTC’s big M8 announcement tomorrow, March 25, so we don’t have much longer to wait. The document says the upgrades are confirmed for May-June for the HTC One (M7), and June-July for the remaining devices. Before you get excited, however, it’s worth noting that this upgrade cycle is likely for unlocked and developer models, so carrier testing will need to take place for consumers can get their hands on the update. Hopefully fans will see a quick turnaround.

If you’re at all interested in seeing what Sense 6 has to offer before the big unveil, a pretty lengthy hands-on video has been floating around the Internet since this weekend, so start hyping yourself on the update now if you can’t wait until tomorrow.

HTC Sense 6 upgrade document