I only write about Senran Kagura if the series’ general ridiculousness crosses the line into genuinely eye-rolling moments, and that is exactly what we have on our hands here. Producer Kenichiro Takaki confirmed that his bubbly teenage ninja girl series will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan.

The real news? Well, the obvious. The Joy-Con’s HD rumble feature will recreate the feeling of the series’ most noticeable assets. So far, all we have is a title ShinobiRefle Senran Kagura and no footage.

Since Marvelous’ development team very well couldn’t test the feeling of such objects on their female co-workers, or else face a serious lawsuit and harassment charges, they instead turned to the next most… realistic (?)… thing to get the feeling just right.

Yup… gimme some love, puddin’

There’s only so much you can assume about the content of this game given the humorous attempt at being vague, but yeah… I’ll go ahead and assume the worst.

ShinobiRefle Senran Kagura will be released this year in Japan.