You've seen kids rip apart the Game Boy, teenagers get ripped apart by Mega Man, and now it's time to marvel as old people play one of gaming's most infamous titles, Grand Theft Auto V.

Of course, you might expect that the violence would be shocking to people from before our desensitized generation, but the opening minutes of React's latest video are the true gem here. In about as stereotypical fashion as you can imagine, each and every one of them has a problem driving. One kindly looking woman even stops at a stop sign and looks both ways before pulling into the intersection!

How quaint! You don't even see those youngins' do that these days.

And then they find the guns, and suddenly, our desensitized generation doesn't seem as far removed as Grandma would have you believe. Yeah, no restraints here. These elderly people love to let loose, and one gentlemen is shocked that he has so much fun hitting a woman for the first time in his life.

By the end of the video, most of them admit they had a lot of fun, and they submit that it doesn't encourage violence and is just fun make-believe. Some of them are unsure if they would let their grand-kids play it though, which I can understand.

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