Self-driving technology isn’t just for cars. The same cutting-edge research is being applied to other industries. Take this self-driving tractor, for example, which could be poised to take the farming industry by storm.

The Case IH autonomous tractor was unveiled this week at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, though it’s just a concept for now. It features a maximum speed of 31 miles per hour and comes packed with cameras, radar and other sensors that allow the farmer to control the tractor remotely using a tablet.

The design is super sleek with big rugged tires and a sporty red and black paint job. There’s no seat for a potential driver to sit and take command in case something goes wrong, but it’s possible that could change. The current version looks like a cross between a race car and a traditional tractor, or maybe just a Transformer.

Autonomous Solutions Incorporated, the company behind the robotic tractor, didn’t actually reveal a price and it could take years to actually launch. Still, farmers are already expressing some concerns. For example, who controls the data collected by this self-driving tract? The company that makes the tractor or the person using it?

There are plenty of other potential issues when it comes to combining self-driving technology and farming, though there’s also plenty to be gained. But once farmers start to adopt the technology it may be difficult to turn back.