Tesla has been adding self-driving capabilities to its cars at a pretty nice pace, but a new company claims it can turn your current vehicle into an autonomous car for cheap. Comma.ai hopes to launch its sub-$1,000 system later this year, and according to The Verge it already works pretty well.

Comma.ai is the latest project from George Hotz, the famous hacker who was first to crack the iPhone and the PlayStation 3. More recently he’s decided to tackle self-driving cars in an effort to bring the technology to the masses. His aftermarket system should work with any vehicle that already offers “electronic stability control and electronic power steering.” It’s also apparently as easy to install as a piece of Ikea furniture.

Comma.ai works by tracking the way people drive and then analyzing that data to create the average driver. That includes both good and bad driving habits, but Hotz claims the good will outweigh the bad at a large enough scale. The final kit will also feature a huge dashboard display where you can set your destination, desired speed or kick back and watch a movie.

To get all that data the company needs people driving its kits, which should hit the market later this year. In the meantime, Hotz is releasing a special app called Chffr, which tracks your driving data in exchange for Comma Points. These will earn you some sort of prize, which may or may not be a free self-driving kit.

Comma.ai is still a work in progress, but it’s pretty exciting stuff. If the company can make good on its promise and release an affordable self-driving car kit by the end of the year we’ll definitely be in line to try one out. Until then you can sign up for the Chffr beta via the source link below.