The Seiken Densetsu Collection is due for release on the Nintendo Switch in one month in Japan, and as the most exciting retro compilation to be announced for the fledgling console, players are wondering what kind of upgrades they can expect to see in their classic favorites.

Square Enix addressed three major upgrades through its Twitter account, translated by Siliconera. The posts cover the port's ability to adjust the screen style, which is especially handy for the Game Boy original Final Fantasy Adventure, as well as a quick save option and the ability to listen to the series' iconic soundtracks.

Switch version new function 1 "Screen Change Mode" lets you play with ease using different screen sizes as demonstrated in the video.

Switch version new function 2 "Quick Save." In Secret of Mana you couldn't save unless you found an inn, but this Quick Save feature should help out with that. It's always important to save frequently!

Switch version new function 3 "Music Mode." You can listen to music from the three games on the home menu, even when you're not playing the game. Just one more month until the release of Seiken Densetsu Collection. Please look forward to it!

To import or not to import

Fans of classic JRPGs are waiting with deeply held breaths to see if Square Enix will localize this package. The third game in the series, Seiken Densetsu III, has infamously never been translated into English, but a few other recent retro releases from the Super Famicom days have spurred fans into believing that the time might finally be coming.

If not, importing the bundle and pushing through the Japanese will be the only option available. We'll see. I've got my eye on a copy at the local gaming store down the street from me, and I'm wondering if the Japanese version has an English translation on it the same way that I Am Setsuna did.

We'll find out in a month. Seiken Densetsu Collection will be released in Japan on June 1.