The video above is the clue to Sega's brand new "Name That Game!" contest. It's also a tip concerning Sega's upcoming, unannounced title. If you know your retro gaming lore and audio, then you'll probably be able to figure out what's up immediately.

With this veiled announcement is a chance for 10 randomly chosen, correct winners to earn a copy of the unannounced game for the PlayStation 3. Enter the contest by following these directions, as per Sega's official post:

It's actually quite simple – first view the video embedded [above] and send us your submission directly to [email protected] with the subject as "Name That Game!" and submit your guess in the body of the email. Be sure that your email address is accurate and include your full name and address. Only one entry per person!

Maybe we're just being paranoid, but there's one line in the contest entry rules and regulations that has us a little wary. We hate when companies go and spoil the fun with adverts, marketing and obvious ploys at email collection. Here's the downside to this friendly contest:

(4) Data Collection – Sponsor collects personal information from you when you enter the Promotion. By entering the Promotion, you agree to all of the terms and conditions of Sponsor's Privacy Policy. For information about how personal information may be used, see Sponsor's Privacy Policy, which is available at

Say it with us now, "BLARGH." When data collection meets fine print, we're not happy.

Still, the clip above and the trivial content within provides a nice, retro vibe that made us grin from ear to ear. Yes, we know what the game in question is. More than likely, a few of you recognized it straight away as well. It's one of those cheesy classics that will likely never leave our gaming memories.

Nerdy bliss. Will any of you folks be entering?