E3 2014 Sega logo

In the wake of recent financial earnings reports, Sega has distributed a letter to its investors. The company sent out, specifically, a "Notice of Implementation of Structure Reform in SEGA Corporation."

For us non-corporatese speaking folk, they're letting people go. The exact verbiage used by the company is not firing, but soliciting voluntary retirement. To be fair, that voluntary retirement will come with some sort of departure package.

The number solicited for voluntary retirement and such for the entire Group is scheduled to be around 300 (regular employees) and the early retirement benefit is expected as a result of this measure.

300 people will be dismissed from Sega as the company refocuses on releasing its digital only efforts.  The company expects sales to drop this coming year, though it points towards its restructuring as hope for the future of the company and brand.

Sega has fallen on some rough times over the last several years. Hopefully this restructuring will let it focus on making great games that consumers want. As it stands now, releasing multiple bad Sonic titles to an already scorned fanbase isn't going to yield any profits.