Sonic Lost World

SEGA is currently smack in the middle of overhauling itself, and it doesn't have time for trivial events like E3. The company has announced that it will not be setting up its own booth at the convention this year and that it will promote its larger titles at a later date.

Currently, SEGA is in the process of relocating itself from San Francisco to a new headquarters in Southern California, and all resources are being aimed at that. An official statement to GameInformer states that:

Over the next months, SEGA of America will be focusing on the restructure and relocation to Southern California, and we have decided to not attend E3 with our own booth this year. With the majority of our bigger titles launching later in 2015/2016, particularly those from our AAA studios Relic Entertainment, Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly, we are concentrating our efforts for some of these major announcements after our relocation. Instead, we will be collaborating with our various business partners for this year's E3 show.

So SEGA will be in attendance, but guesses are that you'll have to swing by the Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft sections to see what's up. When last we checked, the company doesn't officially have too much on its plate. No Sonic game is currently in the works for consoles, and a sequel to Alien: Isolation has only existed in whispers between employees.

I suppose you could count Persona 5 as a SEGA game, and that will probably make an appearance during Sony's presentation. The same goes for the overdue localization of Yakuza 5Total War: Warhammer might also pop up at the PC exclusive presentation from AMD.

With the shift to the digital focus though, SEGA doesn't have too much to show off in regards to the big console projects that dominate E3. It's the right move for the company as it attempts to find its footing again.