Pulseman (2)

This is almost as blasphemous as Sonic the Hedgehog appearing on Nintendo consoles, but SEGA has teased a new collaboration with Game Freak. Who is Game Freak by the way? It is the development company behind a little franchise called Pokemon. You might have heard of it.

Of course, the jokes between SEGA and Nintendo's old rivalry are nearly old enough to drive a car at this point, but this announcement is a solid reminder that Game Freak is its own independent studio and doesn't owe complete loyalty to Nintendo. It's sometimes hard to remember that considering the widespread popularity of its best known product.

The teaser image looks like two elephants spitting peanuts and grenades back and forth at at each other, and one has clearly gotten the upper hand with his rival sprinting off in defeat. It's a bit of a shame because the last time SEGA and Game Freak got together to make a game, the sensational cult-smash Pulseman was the result.

Looks like no such luck at a revival, here. What's it going to take, Game Freak!?

Not much else is given, but my guess is that this will be a small mobile game. SEGA is focusing on mobile devices these days, and Game Freak's rare products outside of the Pokemon franchise are usually smaller, digital hits. We should know more details on March 11.