After the nice little gift of Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe from earlier this week, SEGA is piling on top of its Make War Not Love campaign with three more free games through Steam. Be sure to snatch up Streets of Rage 2, Binary Domain and Condemned before the offer is over.

To get your free games, you’ll have to sign up through SEGA’s website by entering your email address. SEGA will email the codes within 24 hours to those who enter. Again, you will not be able to get these games directly through Steam for free.

After this deal is over, SEGA will be handing out free copies of Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Viking: Battle for Asgard next.

And the Make War Not Love campaign continues until tomorrow with Company of Heroes 2Total War Attila and Dawn of War 2 all being available for 75 percent off on Steam. Players who play these games will contribute to a worldwide tally based on their success, and whichever game has the most points at the end will get a free content unlock.

So far, Dawn of War II is leading the bunch with 29 percent.