UPDATE! This part of the giveaway is over. However, Sega’s offering more free games in the second round of the deal. Check out how to get them here.

Well, thanks, Sega! The company has tossed up a bundle of games on Steam right now for absolutely nothing. If you were to buy the games separately, you’d pay almost $35. Snag the bundle now, and they’re free.

How long? We’re not sure.

The bundle includes Jet Set RadioGolden AxeHell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (two of its DLC releases) and Sega Classics.

This giveaway comes as the first prize for Sega’s Make War Not Love 3 event. Play any of Sega’s war games on steam (Company of Heroes 2Total War Attila or Dawn of War 2, all of which are 75% off), and your action is added to the tally.

Basically, the world at large wins because players are partaking in the event. This prize was meant for then players of these games, but it’s open to everyone with a Steam account.

So, grab your free games! Go to that link, click into any of the games in the bundle and click install. That will give you access to all the games featured. You’ll need a Steam account, obviously.