Shenmue Coke

SEGA wants to remake the popular Shenmue games for you. It really does, but a number of factors are holding the titles back. Some are understandable, and some will have you yanking out your hair follicles in frustration.

Speaking with MCV, SEGA Europe lead Jurgen Post expressed interest in the remakes and acknowledged their demand, but he also took the chance to spell out all the problems with them.

First up is a pretty easy reason to guess. Both Shenmue 1 and are big games, and sinking money into replicating their detail would be quite an undertaking. That's pretty understandable.

The issue is that it is a big game. It is a project from many years ago.

The second main reason, though, is enough to make any fan of retro gaming frustrated beyond redemption, and that's the licensing issues holding it back. Shenmue was released back before gaming had fully developed its corporate legs. Partnerships, sponsors, product placement. While such practices are no problem nowadays, games from 15 years ago weren't forward looking enough to account for the popularity of these remakes and re-releases, and many are unable to see second releases because of expired contracts.

If we are to do it, we'd want to do a fantastic conversion to the current platforms, and there are a lot of licences in the game, which were cleared many years ago, so we will need to renegotiate those contracts.

Gaming history coming back to bite it in the butt. It's the same problem that plagued Mega Man Legends for so many years.

The post goes on to explain that the company is considering the remakes, but it has nothing to announce at this time. I understand the frustrations of fans, but my understanding is that if you are a gamer with the ability to appreciate Shenmue, then you probably know how to appreciate your old consoles as well. That Dreamcast is still somewhere in your basement (or your mom's basement in my case).

While waiting for SEGA to get around to the release, why not dig it up? Let's get sweaty!