The teaser image in Bayonetta's PC update is no longer the only sighting of Vanquish in the last few weeks. SEGA's European Twitter account is throwing more hints onto the piling rumors that the cult-favorite shooter will be getting a PC release in the near future.

The post in question offers no text or explanation, but the image provides all the hints that we need to know.

Vanquish your doubts, this is happening

The logo in the bottom corner represents the Order of the Russian Star and is used by the villain Zaitsev in Vanquish. The other, more obvious hint is 2017 being the current year. There are two conclusions you can draw from these two hints: 1) we're getting a sequel! 2) We're getting a PC port since SEGA already allowed for Bayonetta to be ported and Platinum Games suggested it wants to port all of its games.

Vanquish is a stone-cold brilliant video game that perfectly combines ridiculous 80s, NES sci-fi imagery with modern mechanics and an insane time manipulation mechanic. However, it was not a financial success, and a sequel can probably be ruled out that this point. As much as I would love to play a second game, better access to the first is almost as acceptable.

Seeing Vanquish in 4K screen resolution is just… whoa… we're gonna need a bigger boat.

We'll keep an eye out for more information.