NiGHTS Into Dreams

Here is a Humble Bundle that is going to incite some memories dating all the way back to the SEGA Saturn days! Did anybody here even own a SEGA Saturn? I did, and it was a pretty sweet console that was sadly shafted of some brilliant games in the states. Japan kept it all to themselves!

Anyway, you see this purple jester guy? This is NiGHTS, and he was supposed to become the new face of SEGA as the new Sonic the Hedgehog. Sadly, the Saturn never caught on and his wonderful game, NiGHTS Into Dreams…, never became the hit it deserved to be. A long awaited sequel launched on a the Wii over a decade later to a resounding "meh," further piling on to the game's unfortunate legacy.

You can do history right by picking it up for the price you want!

Other base rewards from this Humble Bundle extend to the Dreamcast Collection, home to four gems from that tragic console, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, one of the better reviewed Sonic games in recent memory, Total War Rome II, and Football Manager 2015 DLC.

We start to move away from SEGA's classic image and more into its modern image at the $8 tier with Empire: Total War and Company of Heroes 2. More games will be announced later. The $12 tier holds Total War: Shogun 2, and the $50 tier nabs you a sweet Dreamcast T-shirt! Tempting…

As always, you can set the price and distribute it how you feel among the publishers, charity, and Humble Bundle itself. The modern SEGA games like Company of Heroes and Total War are not really my thing, but they have a lot of fans.

However, even if you just give a dollar, I want every one of you to play NiGHTS Into Dreams… It's a wonderful cult classic and one of the most unique games of its era, perfectly capturing the ambition of the SEGA Saturn and its early, blocky polygons. I already own it on the PlayStation 3, and SEGA region locks me out of its PC games here in Japan, otherwise I would scoop it up without hesitation. I suggest you all do the same.