Another studio is getting kicked to the curb. Following three huge closures at Square Enix, LucasArts and High Moon Studios last week, we'll start this week off with SEGA, who will be closing the SEGA Studios Australia branch. The studio is best known for making SEGA's 2012 London Olympic games as well as Medievil 2: Total War and its expansions.

"As we are under consultation with the studio we cannot comment on the particulars of the situation, however we can confirm that sadly the Australian studio will be closing its doors later this year."

SEGA announced last year that an entire restructuring of the company would be occurring over 2013, so closures from the publisher have long been expected. SEGA is attempting to be the first major player in the video game market to shift 100% to digital distribution, with only their biggest money makers getting an actual phyiscal release, if even that.

SEGA has always been a company to shy away from huge risks, and 2013 is going to be yet another make or break year for the pioneer video game publisher. Just remember, they'll always have your backs.