SEGA is stuck in a funk, and it doesn’t know how to break out. Sonic the Hedgehog games continue to be laughably bad and can’t bank on that oddball “good” one every once in a while, and the rest of SEGA’s classic franchises have been left forgotten under piles of smelly retro compilations.

If it weren’t for Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles, well… I don’t know what I would think of SEGA at this point in time.

Which is why it needs your help. Rather than continue to run around like a chicken with no head, SEGA is turning to its audience to ask for help on what it should do next. On its official Twitter page, it posts a link to a survey asking fans how they think SEGA should move forward.

My advice is of course to look back. Really look at the games that made SEGA special throughout its long history, and try to recapture that ambitious spirit of always being a little too far ahead of the curve. SEGA always made more than games. It pushed boundaries that many would later take the credit for. SEGA used CDs long before Sony did, pumped out 16-bit graphics before Nintendo, and brought consoles online long before Microsoft did.

Moving exclusively into the mobile market was a reactionary tactic submitting to trends, which doesn’t really fit SEGA’s legacy.

If we’re being honest here, SEGA can’t survive on making new PanzerDragoon and Ristar games for the rest of time. Take a few risks with newer IPs, but don’t ignore your fans’ cry for your classic franchises either.

Oh, and re-release Skies of Arcadia on Steam and the Nintendo 3DS .