SEGA's pair of late PlayStation 2 brawlers, Yakuza and Yakuza 2, appear to be getting the full HD treatment after SEGA accidentally posted the game on their website. The listing has since been removed, but trigger happy fans snapped plenty of screenshots and spread the word about the Japanese release for the PlayStation 3 this December 1st. Naturally, Japanese gamers will have to cough up a huge amount for the game running them 5,229 yen or nearly $65.

Both games were released too late in the PlayStation 2's life-span to really gain any traction on the market. The cutscene heavy story rings true to plenty of classic yakuza films, but aside from the fisticuffs and large variety of minigames, the main appeal of the game comes from SEGA's picture perfect recreations of modern day urban Japan. This is the closest Japanophiles can actually get to the country without leaving the safety of their living rooms.

With the release, the entire Yakuza saga will be available in HD. If you're an die-hard Shenmue fan still hopelessly waiting for that next chapter or you've got a penchant for macho men with a great sense of fashion duking it out on the bridges of Dotonbori, these games might be right up your alley. Just expect to pick a lot of repetitive fights and put the controller down quite often for those cutscenes.

SEGA hasn't officially commented on the HD collection yet, so no American date or price has been revealed.

[via Destructoid]