This weekend I finally got around to checking out—and I’m totally addicted. I’m a huge Pandora nut, just because I like listening to and discovering new music that I might not otherwise. Turntable is in many ways just a manually run version of Pandora.

The site is broken up into a variety of different rooms where DJs play music. You can go hang out in a room playing music you would like to listen to, or you can create your own room to spin your own tracks. Turntable has a pretty huge library of tunes already available for you to add to your DJ playlist, and you can upload your own tracks to the site as well. In my obsessive interactions with the site this weekend I was able to find almost every tune I was looking for, including songs from indie bands from my town.

Each room can have up to 5 DJs at a time. If you enter a room that doesn’t have 5 people currently spinning, the you can take a place at the DJ table to play to the room.

Each DJ gets a chance to play a song, and once finished will pass control to the next DJ in the line. People listening to the jams in the room (including the other DJs) can vote on the song that’s playing. Liking a song will make your avatar’s head start bobbing up and down. If the majority of the people in a room dislike a track, however, then the song will be stopped, and control will be given to the next DJ. Due to copyright rules with labels, there have to be other people DJing in order for you personally to be able to hear what you’re playing, and you can only play one artist a certain amount of time per hour in the same room.

Each time a person likes a track you’re playing then you also earn DJ points. The more points you have, the more awesome your DJ avatar on the site.

I used turntable as a Pandora replacement all weekend while I was working. Rooms would sometimes build up to 75-80 people, but those same rooms would occasionally die out to 5 or less. Large rooms are the most profitable as far as points go, but are also the hardest to score DJ spots in.

Turntable is currently in private beta. The service is, however, open to anyone who has a Facebook friend who is already using the service. So if you happen to have a buddy using the service you can get in on the action now.

Anyone else using Turntable? I’m going to run a TechnoBuffalo room from now until 3pm EST on the site RIGHT HERE. Come hang out!