Apple's iPhone 5 has become pretty synonymous with leaks over the past several months. We've seen so much of the device, in fact, that you'd think it's already been announced. While we're still a few weeks away from the Cupertino company's alleged September 12 unveiling, Animated Visual felt it necessary to create a video comparing the unannounced device to Samsung's Galaxy S III, likely the iPhone 5's biggest competitor this holiday season.

Based on all the leaked parts and specs for Apple's new handset, the video shows off what the iPhone 5 would look like standing next to Samsung's latest flagship. They're both very attractive phones, so it really comes down to personal preference; it always comes down to that.

Sure, the iPhone's design is still in-line with the iPhone 4/4S, but why mess with success? One designer has already thoroughly explained why the unibody iPhone makes sense. One small note about the video: What version of iOS is that? Looks like what came with the very first iPhone.

In any case, check out the video to see what the iPhone 5 might look like next to the Galaxy S III.

[via iClarified]