U.K.-based Geekanoids managed to acquire a spy kit full of Lumia 920 parts on Tuesday, and the above video is the super secret unboxing. Nokia has long been coveted for its immaculate hardware, and the mysterious Lumia box gives us a look at a few of the key components that make the 920 tick: Carl Zeiss lens and optics, Gorilla Glass and that tantalizing polycarbonate body. In red!

The video is an interesting alternative to what we saw last week when the Lumia 920 was officially unveiled. It's obviously not a full working unit, but the skeleton is there for all to see. Geekanoids also quickly compared the 920's shell with a Lumia 900, noting a few of the differences as far as looks are concerned.

If you plan on purchasing the 920 when it hits later this year, have a look to see what a few of the device's internal components looks like.

[via YouTube]